Graphene offers an Open Public Testnet that has been deployed and is fully functional for anyone to join and test without using real GPH. Instead, you will receive Testnet Core asset TEST. The Open Public Testnet is a great space to start learning about Graphene-Core features and Graphene-UI wallet.

For the Graphene Testnet preparation, you should download a testnet branch from the Graphene-Core repository. The testnet branch files are for the Testnets to use.


The testnet branch files: include bug fixes or new features

Public Testnets

If you want to prepare a Public Testnet, you can simply download and use Graphene-Core’s testnet branch. The testnet branch files have been prepared for the Public Testnet environment.

If you want to register a public testnet account, go to this link (http://testnet.bitshares.eu/) to create Graphene Public UI wallet for the public testnet.

Private Testnets

If you want to test the feature set of current mainnet without connecting to mainnet, you must start a new (private) network. The private testnet is suitable for building faster local testing environments and testing your applications.

For a Private Testnet set up, you can download and use the testnet branch. However, you will have to set up necessary parameters’ valuables for your Private Testnet before you start witness_node.